As fine pitch displays begin to enter the market, displays are increasingly being used indoors, and end-user application needs are changing. Not only do broadcasting rooms, control centers, and indoor advertising panels require high refresh rate and high grayscale, they also require an excellent low grayscale effect when viewed at a close distance.


LED driver IC MBI5153 solve 6 challenges of fine pitch LED displays, including:

  1. Gradient Dim Lines
  2. Cross Effect Caused by LED Failure
  3. Dim Line at First Scan Line
  4. Lower Ghost Image
  5. Non-uniformity at Low Grayscales
  6. Color Shift at Low Grayscales

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Current Gain Series LED Driver ICs to Reduce Light Pollution

LED driver ICs MBI5041/ MBI5042/ MBI5043/ MBI5151/ MBI5152/ MBI5153 with current gain function can control the display brightness without grayscale loss to reduce the extent of light pollution. Learn more »
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