LG-MRI is the global leader in enterprise LCD display solutions. BoldVu® displays are engineered for outdoor use under any environmental conditions and feature BrightVu® LED backlight technology to provide 3500 nit luminance for bright visuals in direct sunlight for 10 years.

As an enterprise display provider LG-MRI has designed their hardware and software technologies to solve the specific business needs of companies in the media, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment industries. Built for 10-years of usable life without any degradation in image quality or brightness, their displays are trusted for use in highly-trafficked public spaces like city streets, train stations, hotel and hospital lobbies, stadium and arena causeways, shopping malls, and airport terminals.

LG-MRI’s enterprise display solutions provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any outdoor display on the market. Their intelligent display software extends the life of hardware components to perform at day-1 specifications for 10-years, reduces power consumption by upwards of 50% as compared to other displays, and eliminates the need for regular, on-site maintenance. 

Learn more about LG-MRI’s enterprise display solutions by visiting www.lg-mri.com


  • Available in sizes from 49” to 98” in landscape or portrait orientation
  • Free standing, universal mount, and panel mount configurations to fit any space
  • BrightVu® - 3500 nit brightness for 10 years
  • ToughVu™ - 13.5mm thick ballistic-resistant cover glass resists breakage
  • MediaPlayer™ - industrial computer supports all CMS 
  • SAM® - modular display components allow for super-fast field service


  • DynamicVu® - dynamic block dimming reduces power consumption by up to 50%
  • AmpVu® - power current monitoring prevents current overload
  • BestVu™ - gamma adjustment for optimized picture quality in varying light conditions
  • CoolVu® - thermal management system allows for operation in temperatures up to 50°C (122°F)
  • SureVu® - digital image verification verifies constant & correct video on screen
  • StatusVu® - real-time performance monitoring of over 150 operating parameters
  • RemoteVu™ - software and mini-UPS allows remote reboot of media player


Products and Services

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