LG-MRI multi-patented BoldVu® displays provide unparalleled image quality in even the most challenging outdoor environments and feature the industry’s only visual performance guarantee - 10 years of 24/7 use with ZERO loss in luminance. The latest generation of BoldVu® displays leverage over 200 issued and pending patents to make deploying LCDs outdoors easier than ever before. Available in single and double-sided configurations, integrators can use BoldVu® displays to deliver highly-customized outdoor digital signs with full confidence in the visual performance, reliability, and longevity of their solution.

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  • Display Families: BoldVu LT Semi-Outdoor (850 nits); BoldVu (3500 nits); BoldVu XT Ultra-Bright (6000 nits)
  • Display sizes: 55”, 75", 86"
  • Single and double-sided configurations
  • BrightVu® - Enduring luminance via high-efficiency direct-lit LED backlight designed to maintain day-1 performance for up to 10 years
  • CoolVu® - Thermal management system that allows operation without air filters and does not require an environmental enclosure
  • ToughVu® - Outdoor proofing with IP56 design and ballistic-resistant vandal glass
  • BestVu® - Image optimization adjusts luminance, gamma, and black level to ensure vibrant colors and high contrast 
  • DynamicVu® - Dynamic block dimming to boost contrast and reduce backlight power consumption
  • SureVu® - Video verification of every image frame to ensure content playback at the correct resolution

Products and Services

BoldVu® LT Semi-Outdoor Displays

Built for unsurpassed visual performance in dirty, dingy, semi-outdoor environments. Learn more »

BoldVu® Vehicle Top Displays

A kinetic new medium for Out Of Home advertising.  Learn more »

BoldVu® XT Ultra-Bright Displays

The king of visual performance. Learn more »
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