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Razor-thin LG OLED Wallpaper is a stunning new display platform with unmatched elegance and picture quality. This 55-inch display mounts seamlessly to the included wall mount, blending moving content with the interior décor to create never-before-imagined environments. LG’s revolutionary OLED technology delivers numerous benefits: Perfect black and a rich color spectrum bring shades and colors to life, while a fast response time ensures that moving images remain crisp and clear without blurring.

  • The perfect black, cinematic color, and infinite contrast ratio of LG OLED
  • Hide in Plain Sight: The exceptionally thin depth helps give the space and installation an integrated look and feel
  • Slim and Light Design: Unbelievably lightweight and thin. 
  • Wide Viewing Angle: LG OLED Wallpaper delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide viewing angles.
  • Bezel: 1.2mm 
  • Depth: 3.65mm 
  • Brightness: 100/400 cd/m2 
  • 178/178 Degree Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle

Products and Services

Displays for Education

LG is elevating higher education with a full line of display products that keep up with the ever-changing habits of students, faculty, and campus attendees. Learn more »

Displays for Corporate

From touch screen displays in the boardroom to transparent LED film in the atrium, LG displays are revolutionizing the corporate environment. Learn more »

Displays for QSR

From drive-thru to walk-in, LG indoor and outdoor IPS displays make food look great from any angle, boosting appetite, ordering speed and business while reducing operating costs. Learn more »

Displays for Retail

From drive-thru to walk-in, LG indoor and outdooLG displays deliver visually stunning messages that meet changing retail demands while simplifying maintenance and content management for your staff. Learn more »

Dual-Sided Curved LG OLED Display - 65EE5PC

Stop them in their tracks, coming and going, with this cutting-edge 65-inch freestanding curved LG OLED Dual-View display. Its incredible picture quality and revolutionary pencil-thin design add artistic value to its display functionality. LG OLED delivers perfect black and a rich color spectrum that you must see to believe.  Learn more »

86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage - 86BH5C

Stretch what’s possible with this attention-grabbing 86-inch UHD Ultra Stretch display. It has a 58:9 widescreen aspect ratio that can display custom dynamic content, and the picture-by-picture feature allows users to divide the screen in up-to four parts. Learn more »

Dual-Sided Flat LG OLED Display - 55EH5C

Grab their attention, coming and going, with this pencil thin, dual-sided 55-inch Full HD display made for customized multimedia content. LG’s revolutionary OLED technology delivers perfect black and a rich color spectrum that you must see to believe.  Learn more »

LG OLED Displays

Self-illuminating pixels create Perfect Black for an infinite contrast ratio that breathes life into color. Ultra-wide viewing angles make messages highly visible. Razor-thin design and unique form factors transform digital signage into digital art.  Learn more »

LG Ultra Stretch Signage

Whether it’s to display one large stretch of content or up to four divided sections, LG Ultra Stretch displays go where none could go before and are guaranteed to make an impression.   Learn more »
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