No Coding, Multi-Touch Signage Creation Software for Windows, iPad, Android, Chrome, and Samsung SSP

IntuiLab makes IntuiFace, the world’s premier platform for creating, deploying, managing, and measuring deeply interactive, data-driven digital signage without ever writing code. From Fortune 500 to the smallest design shop, IntuiFace is used world-wide to build dynamic, expressive content driven by mobile devices, multi-touch displays, connected objects and much more.

What makes IntuiFace unique?

  • Supports true multi-touch – that is, two or more concurrent touch points
  • Works with gesture control, connected objects and other input devices like RFID/NFC readers in addition to touch screens
  • Imposes no template restrictions, offering unlimited creativity and design flexibility, all without coding
  • Accepts the widest range of media formats on the market, including streaming video, 3D models and live maps
  • Natively supports integration with external data sources and business logic to ensure personalized, dynamic experiences for each user
  • Easily scales from single deployments to 100+ geographically distributed displays
  • Comes with extensive educational and support material including a 200+ article online library, an instructional video curriculum, active support forums and a vibrant user community
  • Available via a transparent pricing model with no hidden fees or professional service requirements

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