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Outdoor LED Display (Fanless Design)

Inewvation See-thru Series Outdoor LED Display turns ordinary spaces into visually mesmerizing environments that make walls come alive with colors, patterns and moving visuals. It enables endless moods and different seasons with just a click of a finger. This technology is designed for high viewing applications that can withstand strong weather conditions because of its curtain-like, fanless cabinet design.



  • See-thru Design
  • See-thru Series Outdoor does not block light and has good transparency. It has a thin and light modified cabinet made with a lesser quantity of steel and can be mounted on inside or outside of the glass wall. 
  • Enhanced Brightness
  • It has enhanced brightness that reaches up to 6,000 cd/m². It features 120ᵒ/60ᵒ viewing angle resulting in a better visual performance.
  • Has high Ingress Protection Marking
  • IP65 protection ensures the safety and consistency of the product in a rough working environment and strong weather conditions.


  • Building facade
  • Out-of-Home Advertising
  • Stadiums


To know more about the Inewvation See-thru Series, click here!


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