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Inewvation International specializes in digital display solutions that keep up with the trends in society. Being one of the pioneers in indoor and outdoor LED Displays, Inewvation’s main concern is client satisfaction as it provides design, customization, fast delivery, efficient installation, and excellent after-sales service while preserving its core value — Where quality is everything.

Founded in 2011, Inewvation International has certainly come a long way catering to clients across Asia Pacific with offices in Manila and Cebu in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and in Singapore. Offering top-of-the-line products ranging from Indoor and Outdoor LED, Interactive Digital Kiosks, Digital Signages, and Lightboxes, Inewvation International continues to offer bespoke solutions that meet each and every need of the clients.

Topping the market with pioneer projects, Inewvation International proved itself to be on par with its global competitors. Showing its passionate vision to provide up-to-the-minute digital display and advertising solutions through innovative quality products and services in the fields of Food and Beverage, Retail and Advertising, Infrastructure and Development, Gaming and Casino, Corporate Industry, Education, and Transportation.

With the goal of uplifting developing cities and providing top-tier digital displays, Inewvation International moves further forward ushering digital display innovation.



The 6 Services of Inewvation International

  • Design

We conduct research; we define strategy, and we design brands and interfaces that meet our clients’ goals. Every project is different; that is why we enjoy client services. Clients benefit from our years of experience, and we never stop learning.

  • Customization

Flexibility is our specialty. We develop high-level concepts for the structure, interaction, and visual edge. We modify, build and design according to the needs of the clients.

  • Delivery

We provide safe and fast delivery of products nationwide and abroad. Rest assured that the purchased items are carefully handled by our team.

  • Installation

Our in-house engineers and technical support team are trained worldwide. They are experts in their field, proven and tested throughout the years.

  • Content Creation & Management

Our design team endows diversified thinking, unique taste, and passion for artistry, all combined to give you the top-quality content, best fit for your display.

  • After Sales Service

We provide quality after-sales service and maintenance. Our team makes sure that every project is well maintained, checked and tested. We also provide 24/7 hotline service worldwide.

Products and Services

Inewvation Digital Signage

Inewvation International offers high-quality Digital Signages that are tailor-made for each client and application to fit any precise requirement. Learn more »

Inewvation Indoor and Outdoor LED Display

Inewvation International offers both Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays that are flexible and versatile, customizable and well-suited to fit each and any application imaginable. Learn more »

Inewvation Wind-thru Series

Inewvation Wind-thru Series Outdoor LED Display is a modern display device designed to withstand any wind direction and speed. Learn more »

Inewvation Flex Series

Inewvation Flex Series has a cutting-edge design that allows the user to create different kinds of shapes and sizes without limitation. Learn more »

Inewvation Interactive Kiosk

Inewvation International offers Digital Kiosk perfect for all set-ups and applications, be it indoor or outdoor, touch or non-touch. Learn more »

Inewvation Lightboxes

Inewvation International offers a large variety of lightboxes to cover its vast range of application. Learn more »

Inewvation See-thru Series

Inewvation See-thru Series Outdoor LED Display turns ordinary spaces into visually mesmerizing environments that make walls come alive with colors, patterns and moving visuals. Learn more »

Inewvation Feather Series

The Inewvation Feather Series has a clean and unobstructed display that allows the limitless execution of motion graphics. Learn more »
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