• Shop on Colors: Different shoppers, different ambiance. Different trends, different colors. Store managers decide! Never a dull moment for your shoppers.
  • Share More. Pay Less: No shop is too big or too small – IAdea transcends any distance of your store and delivers your advertising from far and wide, with the HDMI-out functionality. One content for multiple screens at much lower cost of maintenance!
  • Interact with Your Shoppers: Interested in more about this product at the store? Touch away! IAdea brings businesses closer to their customers. Interact with them!
  • Landscape or Portrait? Easy Rotation Anytime: Landscape, portrait or both? Again, store managers decide! Dummy-proof easy rotation anytime anywhere.
  • Touch & Book: Why wait? IAdea Smart Signboard enables immediate booking, in addition to browsing of today’s meetings, with the user-friendly touch function.
  • Room Status Light Bar: Convenience at its best! Green, Amber or Red? The light bar shows room availabilities even when users are still down the hall from a distance.
  • 1-Wire Installation: Anyone can easily install the device with only one cable in-hand, thanks to the PoE (Power over Ethernet) function, which transmits both power and information.
  • Flush mount + VESA mount + Glass mount: Unlike most typical signboards, XDS-1078 is flush mounted and much closer to the wall to deliver a much more visually pleasing and user intuitive industrial design of the system. Glass mount is also available for meeting rooms that come with glass windows, allowing for a perfect balance between technology and aesthetics. IAdea provides step by step mounting guide, as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Products and Services

XDS-1078 with PNF-101 NFC Module for Meeting Room Booking Management

Ready to offer industry’s best conference/meeting room solution with IAdea NFC module? NFC module working with our XDS-1078 smart signboard enhances meeting room management efficiency by offering touch-enabled authentication of IDs such as staff badges or authorized guest passes. Learn more »

XMP-7300 4K Ultra HD Media Player

This HTML5, True 4K digital signage device packs the richest features into one palm-sized appliance suitable for professional installations, outdoor environments and video wall applications. Learn more »

XMP-6400 HDMI-in Media Player

Perfect for live streaming applications at a sports bar or a restaurant, XMP-6400 offers HDMI in video input and enables users to create any animation contents using PowerPoint. Learn more »

XMP-6250 1080p Solid-State Media Player

The XMP-6250 delivers hardware HD video playback for smooth 1080p video – and advanced onboard processing power for stunning HTML5 content playback.  Learn more »

XDS-1060 10” Smart Signboard with Motion Sensor

The XDS-1060 Cloud Signboard fulfills the need for visual communication in limited space. The innovative form factor of the Smart Signboard gives you unique access to communicate with your customers in the retail shelf space as well as on reception desks. Learn more »

XDS-1062 10” Smart Signboard with PoE

The XDS-1062 Smart Signboard fulfill the needs of visual communication in space where power is hard to reach. The signboard uses Power over Ethernet which utilizes one wire for both power and data, reducing overall set up costs. Learn more »

XDS-2170 Smart Signboard for Retail and Bar Counter

The XDS-2170 is our largest Signboard, with a 21.5” display with full HD 1080p playback. It offers wide viewing angle playback and looks great in landscape or portrait. Learn more »

MBR-1100 1080p Wireless Media Player

Our MBR-1100 Wireless Media Player is our most compact player – designed for direct HDMI installation right into your screen. About the size of a deck of cards, the MBR-1100 is still exceptionally powerful, supporting full motion HD video and smooth graphics playback.  Learn more »
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