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Present content interactive, flexible and in multimedia: With the ClickThrough App various content can be freely positioned as a layer on several pages. A layer as well as a button can be used for navigation purposes or as a container. Within a container you may position either media of different formats - or straight away complete apps. Layers may be positioned freely on one or more pages, which can be linked via buttons. That way users can switch swiftly between different topics, designs and layouts. The configuration is facilitated intuitively via the integrated in-app editor.

Products and Services

APPSTORE for Interactive Signage Touchscreen Software

Create engaging interactive signage software solutions that run on all touch screens, tables, kiosk terminals, steles and video walls. Combine and customize ready-to-use multitouch apps easily with a minimum of time and cost. For effective marketing at point of sale and information - as well as collaborative teamwork in companies. Learn more »

Touch Screen Kiosk Terminal DELTA

Premium Touchscreen Kiosk Terminals with HD / UHD Display, PCAP Sensor and Object Recognition for the best Interactive Signage Experience at Point of Sale. Learn more »

Touch Screen Table ALPHA

Premium touchscreen tables with HD or UHD display, PCAP multitouch sensor and object recognition for the best interactive signage experience at point of sale. Learn more »

Round MultiTouch Table AURORA

The AURORA multitouch table has a round interactive touchscreen display. Bottles and glasses will be recognized by aid of our tracking technology, resulting in spectacular virtual effects on the touchscreen. Learn more »

MultiTouch Table AEON

The multitouch table for professional use: compact, solid, transportable - in your desired custom design. Learn more »

OMEGA MultiTouch Module-System

Combine single OMEGA modules to large-scale, seamless multitouch displays as tables, bars, counters and walls. Learn more »

Touchscreen Shop Window Display SAPPHIRE

Innovative Shopping Experience with Interactive Shop Window Displays. Extend your retail space with interactive outdoor touch screens. Learn more »

Transparent Touchscreen Display HYPEBOX®

Innovative product presentation with transparent touchscreen HYPEBOX® displays. Combine a real life product with an interactive virtual layer. Learn more »

Touchscreen Stele TALOS

Premium touchscreen steles / totems in vertical portrait format. Various sizes in Full-HD or Ultra-HD resolution.     Learn more »
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