CastNET Enterprise is a server, player, and software solution that offers a multi-user, web browser workflow to create, schedule, and distribute digital signage content. It uses advanced templates with an approval process to ensure that consistent, high quality content is sent to any number of content channels on any size screens.

CastNET Content Manager provides organizational control and media management as well as content creation and scheduling tools for all CastNET solutions. It uses a web browser login to access the management software from any PC or mobile device. CastNET Content Manager offers MessageFlow, a powerful, yet easy to use workflow for creating and scheduling content.

Products and Services

CastNET Cloud

CastNET Cloud provides the power and impact of digital signage without the need to invest in a full enterprise server configuration. Learn more »

CastNET MeetingView

CastNET MeetingView presents a clear way to communicate and confirm any meeting room or classroom schedule by displaying room appointments on an iPad or Surface Pro 2 tablet next to each room door. Learn more »

CastNET DesktopView

CastNET DesktopView offers a way to break through the everyday email clutter to present Intranet style organized content in an attention-getting way. Every time an employee or staff person turns on their PC or wakes up their laptop, CastNET DesktopView displays a screensaver page of messages, links, and videos. Learn more »

CastNET TouchView

CastNET TouchView is simply the most cost-effective way to manage interactive touch screens for nearly any application. Because of its web-enabled workflow, CastNET’s powerful management software can drive enterprise-wide deployments of touch screens around the office or around the world. Learn more »

CastNET SocialView

CastNET SocialView takes the extra work out of creating new content by taking the social media messages that your organization already posts and displays them in an eye-catching and branded digital signage message. Learn more »
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