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Display animated Movie Posters with show times and ratings dynamically and fully integrated with POS to change and update all the information being displayed easily and quickly from an online interface anywhere. The Allure DigiBoxTM solution can enhance revenues and drive operational efficiency while our Digital Movie Poster (DMP) solution captures guest attention, drives awareness and creates more engaging lobby experiences.

Products and Services

Video Wall Solutions

Create environments that are exciting, engaging, and immersive with video walls from Allure. Learn more »

Digital Menu Board Solutions

Attract, inform, engage and influence guests with optimized digital menu board visuals and animation strategically designed to drive sales, improve guest through-put and feature your brand and menu items dynamically. Learn more »

Digital Merchandisers & Posters

Engaging guests as they enter your locations or move within them is made easier and more effective with Digital Merchandisers (DM) from Allure. Learn more »

Digital Order Confirmation Units

Digital Order Confirmation Units are fully integrated  Learn more »

Transparent Digital Display Coolers

Transparent Digital Display Coolers offer a unique opportunity to communicate with your customers moments before they decide to grab a drink. Learn more »
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Allure, a Christie Company

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Allure, a Christie Company