Reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message, Visix provides digital signage solutions for corporate, education, healthcare, government and hospitality venues. Find out why over 3,000 businesses on three continents, and more than 1000 higher education campuses trust our

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Design Standards for Digital Signage

Digital signage design standards include a large array of considerations – a lot more than just graphic design or the number of words you should have in your message.

13 Steps to Successful Digital Signage

Digital signage has been proven to be an effective tool for organizational communications, but planning a system can be daunting. Read our digital signage white paper for advice on the top things to consider Before You Shop, when Choosing Your System and for Maintaining Momentum.

Build Community and Empower Staff with Digital Signage for Healthcare

Digital signage in hospitals is flexible, dynamic and engaging, which can improve your patient and visitor experience, build community and empower your staff.

Drive Change and Improve Safety with Digital Signage for Manufacturing Facilities

Connect your front office with the factory floor. By adding real-time data to your playlists, everyone can stay in the loop and on the same page. Employees become engaged, efficiencies increase, safety improves and turnover reduces.

How to Choose the Best Wayfinding Option

When evaluating digital wayfinding methods, you should always focus on the visitor experience. Our white paper walks you through the detailed pros and cons of four digital wayfinding options.

Improve Communications and Safety with Digital Signage for Schools

Grab students’ attention and communicate more effectively with a generation already immersed in tech. Digital signage for K-12 provides real-world benefits for both schools and students.

Maximize the Guest Experience with Digital Signage for Hotels and Resorts

Keep your guests involved and up to date. Provide a superior guest experience and increase revenues with digital signage messaging, interactive wayfinding and digital room signs.

Streamline Communications with Digital Signage for Government Agencies

Communicate with employees and enhance citizen engagement in an efficient, flexible and fiscally responsible way. Learn the benefits of digital signage for government offices and get real-world buying and content advice.

Student-Centered Digital Signage for Colleges & Universities

Learn why engagement is so important for today’s campuses, how you can get Millennials interested and motivated, how digital signs can support your inclusion efforts, and how to use gamification to engage more students.

The Business Case for Digital Signage

If you want to communicate with people, they have to pay attention to you. Digital signage provides bottom-line ROI through employee engagement, cost savings and an improved visitor experience.

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