Established in 1991, Omnivex enables organizations to transform data into dynamic visual communications and experiences. We help organizations empower, enhance, and extend their two most valuable assets – people and data.

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Leveraging the Power of Digital Devices with Real-Time Info

Businesses have access to more data than ever before. The key is to be able to deliver that data when and where it can deliver the most value.

Case Study: Flam Railway

When you enter the Flåm rail station, you are presented with interactive wayfinding displays to help you navigate the area or learn about available services. In the retail shops are large displays promoting new or featured products.

Case Study: NewsLink

NewsLink wanted to showcase promotional materials; improve the effectiveness of branded content; enhance the in-store experience for guests; provide a user-friendly interface for content creation; and make updating content more efficient.

Case Study: Calgary Stampede

The primary reason behind Calgary Stampede’s digital signage deployment was to provide real-time digital displays in their rental space for meeting and event locations. They also wanted a system that would help improve wayfinding across the facility, enhance brand awareness, and provide ticketing and flight information as a value add to customers.

Case Study: Carhartt

Historically, Carhartt has relied on print signage and catalogues to communicate detailed information about the products carried in the stores. They were looking for a more dynamic way to replace traditional print signage, and showcase the features and details about merchandise available in the stores.

Case Study: Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE)

The Air Canada Centre underwent a $48 million upgrade, including a $3 million digital signage deployment. Management wanted to create a truly unique fan experience which they felt an extensive, attention-grabbing digital signage network could achieve.

Case Study: Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC)

The management team at the MTCC wanted to provide timely information to their patrons on facility, events, services and local attractions.

Case Study: San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

In 2012, SFO launched a project to renovate Boarding Area E. As a part of this project SFO implemented an interactive wayfinding system in this newly renovated area.

Case Study: University of Wollogong

UoW required a platform where they could convey key information to students and visitors easily and effectively via a visual display network of LCD, plasma and alternative visual methods.

Case Study: Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

In recent years, the Vancouver International Airport Authority felt a growing need to enhance its dynamic content by including operational messages in multiple languages, TV programming, video and weather.

Case Study: Wake County

To keep pace with growth, Wake County government planned a new criminal court house and records building. The building, named the Justice Center, was designed with safety and customer service elements. To ease wayfinding Wake County planned a system of digital signage that would move the public through the building quickly and efficiently.

[WEBINAR] The Communications Experience: How it's Changed and Where it’s Headed

The communications experience has changed for both individuals and organizations. In this webinar, we discuss how you can build a digital communications infrastructure to support your organization now and in the future. Download now!

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Think Outside the Box: Discovering the Power of What's Possible

Today there are countless options when it comes to creating interactive, engaging and personalized experiences for your customer. So where do we start? What are the possibilities?

Webinar: Creating emotional connections through immersive digital experiences

Organizations today have an opportunity and responsibility to engage consumers with digital communications that create emotional connections between customers and brands through immersive encounters we call “digital experiences.”

The Changing Face of Interactivity

The ability to interact with digital displays has quickly become part of our lives, and that interaction includes much more than most people realize.

WEBINAR: The Internet of Things and Digital Signage - A Smart Combination

Today people are much more connected to their environment through the devices they carry and those around them. This evolution has been fueled by the Internet and networking the devices connecting to it. This process is about to accelerate as the Internet of Things evolves.

Webinar: Thinking Outside the Box with Digital Signage

Times are changing and the uses for digital signage extend far beyond just static images on screens. Now organizations have the ability to create interactive and immersive digital experiences that run across multiple devices and integrate new and emerging technologies.

Emerging Digital Signage Technologies

A host of new digital signage technologies are under development. What's likely to gain widespread acceptance?

Webinar: Emerging Technologies: Data, data, data everywhere

Today, nearly everything - from your car to your mobile phone to the loyalty card you scan at a cash register to sensors on devices you pick up - creates data. This data can be used to help create personalized and engaging digital signage experiences and empower decision making.

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