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Digital signage can revamp the Black Friday experience

Black Friday is still a major brick-and-mortar retailer event, drawing in $2.4 billion in revenue last year. At the same time, customers spent $10 less in 2016, than they did in 2015. Retailers need to step up their game to boost sales, and one way to do that is with digital signage.

Boost Omnichannel Sales on Cyber Monday with Digital Signage

Omnichannel marketing, or the process of integrating your shop's online, social media and in-store displays, is crucial to capturing a portion of Cyber Monday sales. The easiest and most effective way to bring virtual customers into brick and mortar locations is via the use of digital displays.

Rethink Black Friday: Revamp the shopping experience with digital signage

Brick and mortar stores saw a significant drop in revenue during the 2016 holiday season while large online retailers like Amazon saw more sales than ever. Big brands hope to rectify the situation for Black Friday 2017 by bringing an element of the digital retail experience to their physical stores with digital signage.

Reviving Thanksgiving Sales with Digital Signage

With mounting pressure to increase sales on Thanksgiving Day, retail stores are searching for new ways to draw customers into their establishments rather than seeing them turn to online shopping. Digital signage displays are an effective way to engage with customers.

Rescuing 80% of the shoppers with Digital Signage

Find a new way to connect with your customer base, solidify your store's brand and encourage impulse buys through the undeniable power of digital signage. See how much potential awaits in a single piece of innovative technology.

How to digitize schools with signage solutions?

School is one of the first places where students learn how to communicate, making it a prime environment for one of the latest and most effective methods of communication: digital signage. Signage class is now in session.

Digital signage 5 for 5: September 2017

Over the last several months, restaurants have dominated the top stories on Digital Signage Today, but September readers branched out a bit and explored topics ranging from retail digital signage kiosks to future trends.

Make Your Reservation for a Successful Hotel with Digital Signage

If you are in need of a new and effective way to deliver top-notch hospitality services to your guests, consider implementing a digital signage strategy. It is a new and much better way to make guests feel right at home.

Q&A: Digital signage current and future trends part 1

The digital signage industry may seem like a mature industry, but it continues to grow and expand in different ways. Trends are a moving target, especially in a technology industry, so it's important to regularly get some perspective from companies in the field.

Digital Signage Reshapes the Restaurant Industry

New ways of deploying digital menu boards make it easy and cost-effective for even the smallest operators to benefit from the advantages they offer.

Nixplay Digital Signage Spec Sheet

Technical Specifications of the Nixplay displays.

About Nixplay Signage

The premier solution for hassle-free content management, Nixplay Signage features an intuitive web interface with 50GB of free cloud storage. From a single account you can create, schedule, update and control playlists on your cloud displays in WiFi-enabled locations around the world.

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