Growing Restaurant Chain Improves Customer Communications With Digital Signage

Faced with diverse customer demographics and hard-to-forecast service demands, Jose Pepper’s has the on-going challenge of maintaining communication channels that reach full circle, from Baby Boomers to Gen-Y.

Give Your Digital Signage the Finger

This white paper explores why customer engagement amplifies marketing impact. It further explains how the marriage of interactive technology with digital signage opens a world of possibilities to the smart marketer.

Simplicity, Reliability and Remote Control Bring Success to SOLAR360 Digital Signage Franchising Plan

What happens when you cross the appeal of professional and collegiate sports with the potential of generating substantial ad revenue from mom-and-pop business owners who’ve never even thought they could afford to advertise in such a high-profile environment?

Key Ingredients for a Successful Digital Signage Campaign

Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, these elements of digital signage must be assembled properly to achieve a complete success in DOOH advertising.

The Greening of Communications

Since November 2009 when emails emerged from the University of East Anglia in the UK throwing into question the veracity of data supporting the theory of manmade global warming, public discourse about the idea that greenhouse gasses generated from human...

Media Zone: Managing Digital Signage without Compromise

Digital signage systems don’t all add up to the same value. Some rise to the top by delivering greater usability, features and performance, meeting the demanding needs of today’s digitally savvy communicators. For those looking to tap the power of...

Omaha Welcomes the Public to the Historic Old Market with Keywest Technology

Like many historic districts around the nation, the Old Market is an interesting blend of old and new — historic structures with renovated interiors to meet today’s contemporary tastes. Renovation, however, extends beyond the interiors of the structures within the Old Market. Outdoor spaces, too, have seen remarkable rehabs and repurposing.

Digital Signage - A Winning Strategy for the Gaming Industry

This white paper presents in a logical fashion how digital signs are being used to increase profits, reduce costs and better compete for patrons' entertainment dollars.

Why Digital Signage?

Many factors contribute to the skyrocketing popularity of digital signage in meeting a variety of communications goals. Once seen as a novelty among competing media, digital signage has come into its own as a highly efficient and effective communications medium....

Prairie Meadows Racetrack Casino Relies on Keywest Technology MediaPod for Extensive Digital Signage Installation

The digital signage player/controller is driving 25 channels at the Des Moines, IA, facility used for directional signage, promotional messaging and employee communications.

Keywest Technology Delivers Extensive, Turnkey Digital Signage Network for Event Center

The Garland Independent School District in Garland, TX, last year selected Keywest Technology of Lenexa, KS, to design, install and customize a turnkey, state-of-the-art digital signage system for its Garland Special Events Center.

Walnut Valley Garden Center Elevates Consultative Sale Process with Interactive, Hybrid Digital Signage System

Walnut Valley Garden Center in Andover, KS, has installed a highly interactive, hybrid digital signage system to assist customers select the correct lawn and gardening products for their projects, automate order processing and checkand feed a marketing program designed to win repeat business.

Keywest Technology Digital Signage Delivers a Flawless Performance for Hartman Arena on Opening Night

When Hartman Arena in Wichita, KS, opened its doors for the first time in March to welcome country music star Alan Jackson and thousands of his devoted fans, digital signage innovator Keywest Technology quietly, unobtrusively monitored and controlled all the...

Effective Content for Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

When it comes to effective digital out-of-home advertising, what's on the screen matters as much or more than the screen itself.

Keywest Technology delivers extensive, turnkey digital signage network for event center

The Garland Independent School District in Garland, TX, last year selected Keywest Technology of Lenexa, KS, to design, install and customize a turnkey, state-of-the-art digital signage system for its Garland Special Events Center. The $31.5 million multi-purpose complex is home...

Six Basic Digital Signage Applications for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels, resorts, cruise lines and other hospitality enterprises require an easy, effective way to communicate with guests as well as promote their facilities and service offerings. Traditionally, the hospitality industry has relied upon printed signs to fulfill these functions. However,...

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