IntuiLab makes IntuiFace, the world’s premier platform for creating, deploying and managing deeply interactive digital signage without ever writing code.

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Intuilab upgrades digital signage software offering with Chromium web rendering engine

Intuilab has launched Version 6.1 of its digital signage software, IntuiFace. The software includes an overhauled web browser asset for Windows with a Chromium web rendering enginge and 3D model support, according to a press release. The update offers improved...

How Interactive Displays are Increasing in Quality, Decreasing in Cost

Consumers are increasingly familiar with touchscreen displays as the number of deployments have spanned retail, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, conference centers—broadly speaking, anywhere that the public is to be engaged in an entertaining and immersive way.

API Explorer enables content management without writing code

IntuiLab has upgraded its interactive software IntuiFace with API Explorer, a software tool allowing end users to access and control content from web APIs without writing code, according to a press release. API Explorer is designed to take a URL...

IntuiLab launches IntuiFace 6.0 interactive software

IntuiLab recently upgraded its IntuiFace interactive software platform to version 6.0. This upgrade comes with improved triggers, API Explorer and more, according to a press release. Users can use the API Explorer to search a REST-based web service for content.

Beyond Touch: Options for Interactivity

Although touch is the prime medium for interaction with digital displays, it’s far from the only one. These 12 methods for interactivity can work in partnership with touch to create an unparalleled user experience.

Case Study: How Telenor Created an In-Store Digital Experience with DIY Interactivity Software

Retailers and leaders in hospitality already have the skills needed to create modern, engaging, multi-touch spaces. You don’t have to have a PhD or spend $100K+ in app development to achieve interactive in-store and omni channel design.

Hungarian retail upgrades with digital customer experiences

Telenor, an electronics retailer based in Hungary, is upgrading its stores with digital check-in, digital signage software, displays and more to create an interactive digital experience. IntuiLab provided the software IntuiFace to power the retailer’s digital makeover, according to a...

The Changing Role of the CMS

With companies already using a system to manage website content, is a separate CMS for digital signage really necessary?

Introducing IntuiFace Version 5.7 (Press Release)

We've taken a few popular requests, mixed in couple items we've always wanted, and packaged them in what may be the new feature last release before we jump to the big 6.0. Our Engineering team has worked hard to make the fall season bright and the result is Version 5.7.

IntuiLab upgrades interactive software with speech recognition, analytics

IntuiLab has released Version 5.7 of its interactive software for digital deployments, IntuiFace. The update includes speech recognition, analytics and support for Samsung Signage Platform, according to a release. IntuiFace is designed to allow companies to create interactive experiences for touchscreens without having to code.

IntuiFace + Beacons: IntuiLab Adds No-Coding Support for Beacon Technology

IntuiLab, provider of IntuiFace, the world’s premier no-coding interactive experience creation platform, is excited to announce the introduction of a series of capabilities aimed at the creation of beacon-aware and beacon-enabled interactive experiences without writing code.

IntuiLab Brings “Design for Accessibility” to Interactive Digital Signage

IntuiLab, provider of IntuiFace, the world’s premier no-coding interactive experience creation platform, is excited to announce the introduction of a series of features aimed at creating accessible interactive experiences without writing code.

Interactive Digital Signage: Doing it Right, Right Now

With the availability of no-coding interactive content creation, anyone can create and deploy interactive digital signage.

IntuiLab intros multitouch-capable digital signage solution for LG webOS signage

IntuiLab says it is the first company to enable (multi) touch content creation for webOS Signage from LG; it will showcase the solution at ISE 2016.

IntuiLab Brings Enterprise-Class Data Tracking to Analytics for Digital Signage Deployments (Press Release)

The IntuiFace platform solves the challenge of data-driven insight for static signage through information-rich event monitoring of multi-touch content.

IntuiLab intros enterprise-class data tracking for digital signage analytics

IntuiLab, provider of the IntuiFace no-coding interactive experience creation platform, announced the introduction of its enterprise-class data tracking capability.

IntuiLab announces support for Google Chrome OS

IntuiLab, provider of IntuiFace, the no-coding interactive digital signage experience creation platform, has announced support for the Chrome OS.

IntuiLab launches 'IntuiFace Experts' global directory

Digital signage experience platform provider IntuiLab has announced the availability of its new "IntuiFace Experts" global directory. Currently represented in this directory are 46 companies located across 27 countries, the company said.

IntuiLab releases touch-first, HTML5-based platform for digital signage experiences

IntuiLab, provider of IntuiFace, a no-coding interactive experience creation platform, has announced the availability of IntuiFace Version 5.0, aimed at creating interactive touch-first content without needing specific coding or HTML5 markup skills, the company said.

IntuiLab Brings Touch-First Content Creation Without Coding to Multiple Platforms Using a New HTML5-based Technology (Press Release)

IntuiLab’s IntuiFace Version 5.0 also includes brand new authoring UI, onscreen keyboard for 30+ languages and additional experience authoring capability.

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