ComQi is a global leader providing a cloud-based Customer & Staff Engagement Technology that uses all digital touch-points - digital signage, mobile, video, touch, web, social media & IoT. Our services also include content creation, network launch & management & ongoing support. We have over 16 years of expertise & an instal

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Bringing E-commerce Like Capabilities to Brick-and-Mortar Stores for Shopper Engagement

Brick-and-mortar retailers could slow the erosion of their businesses by e-commerce platforms if they had better ways to understand shopper behavior and increase the probability of sales. The key is getting shoppers engaged with the store and brand, and borrowing on some of the techniques used by online platforms.

ComQi helps Hudson Group’s World Duty Free stores “Take Flight” at Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Hudson Group, one of the largest travel retailers in North America, has deployed a diverse set of dazzling digital displays at one of America’s busiest airports aimed at energizing the large store and driving sales and promotions, as well as adding to the customer experience.

Retail Tech Is Having Its Back To The Future Moment

In an odd twist, a massive high-tech investment in omni-channel, big data and IoT is taking retailers back to the future – back to something they used to know and do well: creating relationships with their customers.

Digital Menu Boards: The solution for meeting upcoming FDA requirement

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Menu Labeling Requirement Act will go in effect on May 5th, 2017. This is bound to put some huge pressures on food establishments as this legislation requires any food service operation with 20 or more locations to have calorie counts and other nutritional information included in their menus.

Size Matters In Digital Signage

To get the most out digital signage in retail settings, keep two key words in mind: Size Matters. That doesn’t mean bigger is better. What matters is using screen sizes that suit the setting, dynamics and purpose.

Digital Signage – Key to Retail 4.0 Transformation

The retail business is again in the midst of massive transformation - with Retail 4.0 driven by advances of the cloud, big data analytics and the Internet of Things, and growing preference of shoppers for seamless experiences.

Digital Signage: Is the Proverbial “Turning the Corner” Here?

Anyone in the emerging technology business can relate to annual predictions that the next year was going to be the one in which their industry took off. People in the digital signage industry have stopped doing that - because the business did, after many years, finally take off.

How Digital Signage Is Changing Corporate Communications

Digital signage is dramatically changing how organizations are communicating, replacing bulletin boards and posters with high impact visual messaging that increases operational efficiencies and engages staff and customers.

More than Menus: How Digital Signage is Making a Difference Behind the Counter

Quick Service Restaurant operators are discovering how changing menus over from paper and plastic to LCD is just the start of a powerful digital makeover. This paper looks at how operators are using one sophisticated digital engagement platform to gain tangible differences in both the customer facing and staff facing areas.

How the Internet of Things is Reinventing Retail

In this position paper, we’ll get beyond the big numbers & future forecasts to focus on one of the ways the Internet of Things (or IoT for short) really matters for a retail group – how it can start to leverage IoT-driven systems & make shopping better for its customers through seamless, effective visual messaging driven by ComQi’s EnGage platform.

Recovery and Renewal: How Spaulding Boston Uses Digital Display To Powerfully Drive Patient Experiences And The Hospital’s Brand

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston is in the business of restoring lives – bringing people back from the trauma of injuries and illness.

Programming Your Store: How to Make the Most of In-Store Digital Technologies

Think of events as activities and actions around a store, day to day. A sophisticated platform like EnGage makes it possible to serve content based on many variables, from touching a screen or taping a phone to changing the state of a store systems. Here are some ways that retailers are using EnGage.

Six Flags Standardizes on Ultra-reliable Comqi Engage to Deliver Targeted Guest Messaging and Promotions

Six Flags runs a media network of screens at its parks that reach guests in ride queues and high traffic areas, using ComQi’s EnGage content management platform. The park operator is now in the process of getting all of its concession menu systems on EnGage.

A Player for All Reasons: A guide to selecting the right media player for your digital signage needs

Choosing the right digital signage media player for the task and environment is utterly critical to the success of a digital signage project. Get it wrong, and you may have steadily escalating on-site repair and replacement costs due to players that aren’t able to keep up with the demands of ever more sophisticated content.

Digital Menu Systems Driving Sales at UK McDonald's Stores

McDonald’s UK has steadily increased its use of ComQi-powered digital menu board displays to influence customer purchasing behavior, with the switch to digital increasing average transaction sizes and improving promotional capabilities.

Boosting Brick-and-Mortar sales Through Mobile Interactive Emerging Technology

Thanks to smartphones consumers have unprecedented access to boundless shopping options conveniently placed at their finger-tips. Retailers are now facing the challenge of how to bring the attention back to their Brick-and-Mortar (B&M;) stores and revamp their sales.

Webinar: ComQi Media Distribution - Competitive Differentiators

The following video discusses ComQi’s Media Distribution and their competitive differentiators. ComQi delivers quality, reliability, innovation and competitive pricing with their media distribution products. Watch the video to learn more about each product family and their market advantage.

The Airport Express in Hong Kong

The Airport Express required a high quality media system for their express trains transporting passengers from the Hong Kong Airport. All system required synchronized playback servicing over 400 screens for a uniform look, constant and immediate update capabilities all operating in a harsh environment.

American Museum of Natural History: Restaurant Associates Case Study

The key goal of the remodeling program at AMNH was to create an improved and more memorable visitor experience, as well as enable the Museum to market itself more completely in order to encourage visitors to return by highlighting forthcoming events and exhibitions.

ComQi Enriches Banking Experience

Bancomer, the second largest bank chain in Latin America, was looking to create a new way to entertain and advertise to customers waiting in line at their 1,500 Mexican bank branches. They also wanted to create a new revenue stream via advertising of third party products and services.

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