Case Study: Midland Center for the Arts | LCD Video Wall

Situated in the heart of the state of Michigan, the Alden B. Dow Museum of the Sciences and Art, housed in the Midland Center for the Arts (MCFTA), acts as a crossroads for art, science, history and humanities in the scenic Great Lakes Bay Region.

Case Study: The James B. Hunt Jr. Library | MicroTiles Video Wall

James B. Hunt Jr. Library, employs a variety of Christie display and processing technologies, including a fleet of Christie MicroTiles, throughout the 221,000 square foot building.

Case Study: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Digital Arts Panorama | MicroTiles Video Wall

In the main lobby of the brand new building that houses the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, contractors designed and installed a stunning 4’ tall by 58’ long curved interactive display wall comprising 160 Christie MicroTiles to inform, engage and educate people visiting the award-winning, LEED Platinumcertified building.

Case Study: Shaw Communications | MicroTiles Video Wall

When Shaw decided to enter the retail space, they did it with a splash — with help from Christie MicroTiles. Using a unique waterfall array of Christie MicroTiles, the Shaw retail installations have received a lot of attention and have helped Shaw get customers in the door.

Christie 46-inch Tiled Display

With the tightest seams, best image quality and slimmest profile in its category, the Christie® FHD461-X 46" HD LCD flat panel is a true class leader. Featuring high pixel density, 1.07 billion colors and a 4000:1 contrast ratio, the ultra-narrow bezel Christie FHD461-X produces vivid, crisp images on a near-seamless tiled video wall display.

Christie Interactivity Kit

Interactivity, at your fingertips. The Christie® Interactivity Kit transforms any large-format video wall into a dynamic and responsive multi-touch surface. Designed in pieces that fit perfectly around Christie MicroTiles,® the Christie Interactivity Kit can be configured into 84 different sizes.

Christie MicroTiles Video Walls

With Christie® MicroTiles®, you have the ultimate freedom to create a digital display in any size and any shape.

Turnkey Tiled LCD Multi-touch video wall solution

When it comes to offering a digital experience that not only captivates, but also allows people to interact with content and each other – without sacrificing simplicity, durability or cost-efficiency – Christie® makes it possible.

Christie Digital Case Study: Cleveland Museum of Art

Recently unveiled at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Gallery One blends art and technology to inspire visitors of all ages and enhance the art museum experience. The show-stopping centerpiece inside Gallery One is the Collection Wall — a 40-ft wide, 5-ft high interactive digital display wall made up of 150 Christie® MicroTiles®.

Enhanced engagement: capturing attention with interactive video walls

In today’s highly visual and digital world, large-format interactive video walls are an effective and persuasive educational, promotional and informational platform in a variety of settings. Education facilities, corporations, broadcast companies, entertainment venues and many more organizations are benefiting from...

Touch detection and object recognition in multi-touch interactive video walls

Large-format, interactive video walls are fast becoming an indispensable promotional platform for organizations everywhere. As touch and multi-touch recognition technologies continue to improve, so do the benefits of being able to engage and captivate audiences.

Why depth matters: The importance of panel depth when choosing an LCD flat panel

ProAV integrators and designers have to look at many things when specifying LCD flat panels. Screen size, bezelwidth, image resolution, brightness and energy consumption are just a few features that are considered when designing a video wall, interactive display or the installation of a standalone screen.

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