Steve Acquista

Steve Acquista, CTS, DSCE, is a 20-plus year AV and IT industry veteran and the Sr. Director of Digital Signage at DT Research, a manufacturer of information appliances including digital signage solutions, mobile tablets and thin clients for the retail, ...

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Celia Anderson

Celia is the Digital Marketing Assistant for SignStix, a multiple-award-winning digital signage platform. She is a creative marketer with a passion for helping retailers enhance their online and in-store experiences through digital technology.

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Jose Avalos

Avalos is retail sector general manager for Intel Corp. in the Intelligent Systems Group, leading Intel's worldwide retail & digital signage businesses. His group is responsible for delivering Intel's Intelligent Retail & Digital Signage platforms, software and services, and initiatives ...

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Doug Bannister

Doug is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Omnivex Corporation. Doug founded Omnivex after 7 successful years in the LED sign software business to take advantage of the newer screen technologies. Recognizing the potential for a revolutionary signage ...

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Egor Belenkov

Egor is the founder and CEO at Kitcast, tech entrepreneur. Focused on building data-driven technologies. Specialist in self-learning and machine-learning solutions in the software industry.

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Ronak Bora

Ronak Bora is the senior executive for SEO for Global Market Insights Inc. He holds a B.E. degree from Savitribai Phule Pune University in India. He spent nearly four years writing news, blogs, press releases, articles and social media feeds ...

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Loren Bucklin

Connectedsign President Loren Bucklin has more than 17 years of experience in the interactive and digital signage industry. Connectedsign, a full-service integrator, has a team that has designed and deployed systems across market verticals, specializing in innovative, data-intensive applications.

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Cherryh Cansler

Before joining Networld Media Group as director of Editorial, where she oversees Networld Media Group's nine B2B publications, Cherryh Cansler served as Content Specialist at Barkley ad agency in Kansas City. Throughout her 17-year career as a journalist, she's written ...

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Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll is the Marketing Manager of Prendi Pty Ltd. Prendi is a full-service digital solutions provider, specialising in the integration of a wide range of technologies, content and interactivity into physical environments.

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Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is a Technology Editor for His background is in information technology, advertising, and writing.

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