Year in Review: The top digital signage stories of 2015

Jan. 5, 2016 | by Christopher Hall
Year in Review: The top digital signage stories of 2015

Now that 2015 has drawn to a close, we're continuing our annual look back at the digital signage year that was. After starting off our review with a first 10 for '15, a look at the top 10 most-read blogs posted to in 2015; we moved on to a 15 for '15, the top 15 most-read news items on the site this year; and now here is another 15 for '15, the top 15 most-read feature articles and most-viewed videos on in '15.

These top 14 features and one video, ranked by pageviews, offer a glimpse into the big stories that interested our readers the most, bookended by cool new stuff at last year's Digital Signage Expo and National Retail Federations BIG Show. In between, readers also flocked to pieces "truly awesome" tips for digital signage content, tips on video walls and a look at the intersection of digital signage and the Internet of Things.

We've gathered the top 15 together here in one spot to make it easier for you to click through on the headlines to read them all and look back at the year that just wrapped. So here they are, in reverse order, the 15 most-read features on in 2015:

15."Drinking from a digital signage firehose at Retail's BIG Show"

A digital signage and dynamic place-based media expert was inundated by the digital flood at this year's National Retail Federation show.

(Image courtesy of the National Retail Federation.)

14."7 keys to the future of interactive content"

A digital signage firm's chief strategy officer looked at the future of interactive content and how it's being changed by everything from predictive modeling to Big Data to wearable smart tech.

13."What is out-of-home in a 'mobile' world?"

With 65 percent-plus of the U.S. population smartphone-armed and dangerous, mobile technology has transformed the way people interact with the world and each other — and how brands engage with consumers who are, more than ever, on the go.

12."Rise of the network video wall"

Video walls are becoming increasingly visible, making big statements, capturing attention and promoting brands in eye-catching fashion. Is it time for new approaches to bring simplicity, flexibility and affordability to the video wall market?

11."Banks are banking on digital signage"

Now that so many day-to-day bank tasks can be accomplished on the Web or on a phone, FIs are changing how and what they focus on in the brick-and-mortar branch — and digital signage is the key to the vault.

10."Even Wendy's says 'content is king' for digital signage"

Digital signage screens are exciting to have in a restaurant, but if they lack content that is fresh and relevant, even the largest digital signs and menu boards will fail to attract and engage customers, Wendy's exec says.

9."Under Armour activates the space with digital signage in new Chicago Brand House"

Athletic apparel and gear brand Under Armour recently opened the doors of its newest specialty retail location on Michigan Avenue on Chicago's Magnificent Mile – and digital signage technology is suiting up for the Under Armour team.

8."9 expert tips for ensuring video wall success"

Three digital signage experts offer three key pieces of advice to make sure digital signage video wall deployments go off without a hitch.

7."New interactive map aims to make King's Island visits more fun"

A digital signage experience firm recently released this video of an interactive map it has developed for the Ohio-based amusement park King's Island.

6."Taking a look at 'outside-the-box' digital signage"

Use cases for digital signage are extending far beyond just the images on screens; now organizations have the ability to create interactive and immersive digital experiences that run across multiple devices and integrate new and emerging technologies.

5."JetBlue lands engagement with digital signage 'Wingman'"

Digital signage and real-life intersected as JetBlue had New Yorkers dancing in the street and scratching their heads at the truly lifelike interaction from a digital out-of-home engagement.

4."Coke digital signage brings some cool summer color to Oz"

JCDecaux and Coca-Cola recently won the award for 'Best Use of a Special Build' in the Australian Outdoor Media Association’s Q4 Creative Collection Competition, with a novel digital signage screen/Coke dispenser that delivered a cold drink during Australia’s hot summer months.

3."Digital signage leading the way for retail IoT"

The Internet of Everything has changed the retail landscape when it comes to the customer experience; one of the principal endpoint solutions being utilized across that landscape is digital signage.

2."12 truly awesome tips for dynamic digital signage content"

Straight from the horse's mouth, here's a whole year's worth of advice for creating effective digital signage content — one for each month of the year.

1."Check out the 9 coolest things we saw at the Digital Signage Expo"

Not based on anything other than purely subjective and completely arbitrary opinions of something's "coolness," here are the best things we saw at this year's show.


(Editor's note: There were several articles that either were from last year's review or holdovers from 2014 but still drawing plenty of interest that were left off this top 15 list to keep to the theme of 2015 in review. - CH.)

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