White Paper: Keys to Digital Signage Success

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July 21, 2009

White Paper

iSuppli, a major market intelligence firm, predicts global sales of digital signage will reach $14.6 billion annually by 2011. Companies see the possibilities for increased revenues, reduced costs, and healthier customer and employee relationships. But the actual displays are only a small part of the equation. A digital signage system won’t transform your business without a sound strategy and the right technology behind it.  This whitepaper analyzes four principles to consider before deploying a digital signage platform, which include:
  • Context is King
  • Real-Time Information Drives Results
  • Expectations Rise with HDTV, Video Games
  • Pay Attention to your Network

Topics: Assisted Selling/Point-of-Decision , Content Management , Customer Experience , Digital Signage Psychology , Software

Companies: Omnivex

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