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Webinar: Wayfinding Comes of Age

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Feb. 22, 2012

Do you know where you need to go?  What is the fastest way to get there?  Are there alternative routes?

The term wayfinding is used to define how to move large numbers of people in a large area, such as an airport, casino, convention center or hotel, when those people are unfamiliar with the area and aren’t sure where they need to go, using some form of signage to direct them.  The advent of digital signage has added a new dimension to wayfinding by enabling organizations to visually present information such as maps and schedules.

Traditional wayfinding solutions consisted of static signs or large maps which proved useless if a route changed due to construction, or the relocation of a destination.  New, data-driven, wayfinding systems operate dynamically to determine the best route based on current conditions.  This concept of “smart” wayfinding is changing how wayfinding is deployed and managed.
Join us for an interactive webcast, sponsored by Omnivex, that will explore:

  • Current trends and capabilities in digital wayfinding
  • How “smart systems” are changing the way wayfinding will be managed
  • How to link multi floor and multi region maps
  • Different methods to interact with wayfinding


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