Webinar: The Real Cost of Digital Signage

April 23, 2010

Meeting Description:

Sorting out the total cost of ownership for a digital signage network, long before the first screens light up, is critical to a project’s success or failure.

Operators buy a network once, but they maintain it for the life of a project. Budgets that look great in planning can fall apart when the actual costs start coming in, if the full spectrum of operational considerations were overlooked or ignored.

When planning a project, it’s tempting to focus on big-ticket items such as display screens, but technology is just one factor for networks. There also are downstream costs to consider, some of them tied directly back to those initial technology choices. Cutting corners may save a few dollars at launch, but add far more to the overall cost.

Join us for the webinar “The Real Cost of Digital Signage” for tips on how to manage the costs in your digital signage network.

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