Webinar: Taking DOOH Outdoors...Literally

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July 16, 2012

When digital signage is deployed indoors, its surroundings are nice and comfortable. There's no rain inside; temperatures and humidity are controlled; the sun does not shine and ambient light conditions do not change; the air is clean; the wind does not blow; and vandalism is rare. Basically, digital displays that are deployed indoors are in a "controlled" environment in virtually every respect.

However, with outdoor environments, everything changes – and it changes dramatically. Outside, digital signage displays are in an "uncontrolled," harsh environment that is constantly changing, meaning anything can happen to them. Therefore, it’s important to consider a number of factors before choosing and deploying outdoor digital displays.

This webinar will provide participants with a detailed overview of the challenges – and benefits – of outdoor deployments and the specific step-by-step items deployers should consider to ensure a successful and profitable deployment.  This will provide a Roadmap for Success for those companies that will be literality going "outside" with their digital-out-of-home campaigns.

Participants will explore key issues around outdoor vs. indoor displays:

• Making sure outdoor displays have been built to
  withstand, and operate in, harsh weather conditions
  and direct sunlight, as well as extreme temperature

• Protecting outdoor displays from vandalism, and
  from damage from dust, dirt and other particulates.

• The importance of keeping all the above factors in
  mind when evaluating outdoor displays along with
  other additional costs associated with outdoor vs.
  indoor Digital LCD Displays.

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