Webinar: Making the Grade: Expanding Revenue Opportunities with Campus Digital Signage

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June 3, 2011

Higher education facilities, including college and university campuses, can enjoy significant benefits from the use of a dynamic digital signage network. Beyond student, staff and visitor communications, new revenues are available through the signage network.

Sponsored content and suitable, campus-approved advertising can offset hardware and display network costs, fund expansion or bring new revenues to individual departments or the campus as a whole.

This free webinar, sponsored by NEC Display Solutions and Digital Signage Today, will focus on:

  • The broader value of dynamic signage on or near campuses
  • The proven approaches to its effective planning, expansion and use
  • The ideal hardware for campus signage
  • Revenue opportunities available through the medium


Topics: Display Technology , DOOH Advertising , Education / Schools , Outdoor Signage , Webinars

Companies: NEC Display Solutions

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