Webinar: Improving Advertising Effectiveness with Digital Signage

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Jan. 30, 2013

Advertisers are always looking for more effective ways to deliver branded messaging to consumers. The difficulty associated with manually managing playlists for dozens or hundreds of screens has resulted in many network operators simply running generic slideshows that may not be any more effective than traditional print advertising. 

By investing in digital signage, advertisers are able to create stunning content in tighter timeframes by eliminating the need to produce, distribute and dispose of print collateral. This content can also be delivered more effectively by using data to determine when and where a particular ad should be displayed. By making the message contextual and relevant to the viewer, the impact of brand messaging increases substantially.

During this webinar you will learn how digital signage enables advertisers to:

  • Reduce costs and increase ROI
  • Create and distribute content more efficiently
  • Improve message quality and effectiveness
  • Drive engagement and interactivity

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