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Webinar: How to Make your Digital Signage Pay for Itself

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July 11, 2012

Reducing costs and adhering to strict budgets is a key consideration behind many business decisions. Decision makers are looking for solutions that can address more than one need and span multiple areas of the business.

Digital signage enables organizations to garner real business benefits with both customer and employee-facing content. From kiosks and menu boards to interactive wayfinding, digital signage is a multipurpose technology that can benefit all areas of your business and address your unique and changing needs.
This interactive webinar will cover the following key areas:

  • Benefits of digital signage
       -  Sales uplift
       -  Advertising revenue
       -  Improved efficiency
       -  Numerous applications

  • How to sell digital signage to the rest of your organization
       -  Drawing budget from different departments
       -  Benefits of going enterprise wide

  • Unlocking value in your digital signage system
       -   Additional uses and applications


Established in 1991, Omnivex enables organizations to transform data into dynamic visual communications and experiences. We help organizations empower, enhance, and extend their two most valuable assets – people and data.

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