Webinar: HD Signage Using Low Power & Fanless Solutions

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Nov. 9, 2011

This webinar tackles the challenges of deploying high-definition digital signage content with low-wattage hardware. Traditionally a contradictory pairing, high definition/low power has become feasible with the latest generation of x86 processors and platforms. It promises substantial benefits that include affordability, the possibility of fanless operation, low thermal outputs and reduced power consumption.

Design engineers continue to be challenged with the task of optimizing performance per watt, size and cost in embedded applications.    

Come learn about the innovative small form factor embedded designs for Digital Signage that combine low power, single and multicore CPUs with integrated discrete-class graphics.  The APUs' thermal design power can be as low as 5.5W and in a footprint roughly the size of a penny, driving down the power consumption while delivering an outstanding multimedia visual experience. Speakers from iBASE and AMD will cover the fundamentals of efficiently utilizing the resources and capabilities of the latest generation of low TDP processors and platforms to successfully deliver high-definition content.

Topics covered:

• Overview of available low TDP hardware

• Performance expectations & limitations

• Advantages/disadvantages of various video compression
  formats: MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, VC-1, WMV9, etc.

• Choosing the right video codec and filters to support
  hardware video decode acceleration

• Guidelines for tailoring content to avoid performance and
  compatibility pitfalls

Topics: Display Technology , State of the Art Digital Signage , Webinars

Companies: IBASE Technology USA , AMD

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