Webinar: Enhance Your Classroom Lessons With The Right Tablet Apps

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Oct. 14, 2011
Today’s classrooms are a far cry from those of the past. Advances in technology have enhanced the way teachers present their lessons and how students access and share information.
The latest innovation to further this shift in communication has been the tablet. These thin, lightweight gadgets, which are rapidly increasing in adoption amongst consumers and perfectly fit the tech-savvy lifestyle of students, have been proven to offer many benefits, ranging from offering educational software designed to work with other classroom technologies to the display of enhanced e-textbooks to integrating easily with other education IT trends.
With new tablet apps and software being made available on a daily basis, it can be daunting for educators to determine which are the most appropriate or effective for their lessons.
In this webinar, participants will learn:
  • Not only basic tablet benefits but also how choosing the right educational apps and software can enhance the learning experience.
  • Other display technologies that have been changing the way schools communicate with faculty, students and visitors.

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