Webinar: Digital Signage Video Walls are Going Mainstream - Learn How

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Nov. 1, 2012

Video walls and multidisplay configurations are moving away from being expensive and exotic status symbols and toward being a more commonplace application in stores, restaurants, hospitality, transportation centers and many other public places. From airports to government command-and-control centers, video walls are a significant part of the future of digital signage.

This webinar will focus on technology innovations that are breaking down barriers to allow easy adoption of video wall technologies.

  • Find out where multidisplay configurations are most effective and what is driving more widespread adoption
  • Learn about the hardware and software that drives video walls and how to implement it, from simple to complex configurations
  • Discover how touch is being integrated into video walls to create immersive customer experiences

Topics: Cloud-Based Digital Signage , Display Technology , Hardware , State of the Art Digital Signage , Video , Webinars

Companies: Hewlett-Packard Company

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