Webinar: Deployment Considerations for Digital Signage: Have you thought of everything?

May 11, 2011

When making decisions around digital signage, most companies jump immediately to the output -- the content -- and fail to recognize the complete scope of a large regional, national or worldwide rollout. There are many hardware, software and service considerations that need to be fully considered to ensure a successful implementation:
• How will your content be hosted/updated?
• Where will your signs be installed?
• Will they require mounts/cabling/wireless?
• Who will service your signs if they fail in the field?
• What operation system will your content run on?
• How will you dispose of any old displays in compliance with state and federal laws?

Join experts from Avnet and Microsoft as we guide you through critical digital signage deployment considerations. This webinar will cover, at a high level, the entire set of hardware and software from touch screens and enhancements through monitors, operating systems, media players and servers, with an emphasis on the operating system as well as service needs.

Topics: Content Management , Digital Merchandising , Display Technology , Installation / Integration , Large-Scale Deployment , Webinars

Companies: DigitalSignageToday.com

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