Webinar: Behind the fall of a retail giant: Seven things every retailer can learn from the collapse of Circuit City

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April 14, 2009
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The recent collapse of once-great electronics retailer Circuit City sent shockwaves through retail – but to many, it wasn't entirely a shock. Two former customer experience designers for the company speak out on the seven mistakes Circuit City made – from staffing to store design, from marketing positioning to real estate choices – and what other retailers can learn from them.

Mark Michelson
Co-founder of the International Designed Experiences Alliance, as well as the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.
Mark conducted the consumer research that was used to design the latest Circuit City stores - the research involved consumer focus groups, ethnography (shop alongs) and surveys.

Jason Goldberg
Vice president of marketing at MTI
MTI is a retail design and interactive merchandising firm. Jason was on the team that designed the customer experience for Circuit City in the 1990s. Jason has fifteen years experience developing and implementing retail shopping experiences.

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