Use Video Analytics and Data Decision Making to Grow Your Business

Dec. 1, 2011

White Paper

What if there was a gold mine of data that was going untapped by your data decision-making programs? Today, the role of video can extend far beyond security; data gathered from video surveillance can now help decision makers actually grow a business rather than just protect it.

Analytics software makes it possible to distill millions of hours of raw video footage from locations such as bank branches and retail outlets into structured, searchable data.  This powerful new source of intelligence can build a more meaningful picture of business performance for decision makers in sales, marketing, and customer service.

Read this paper from 3VR to learn more about the role that video analytics can play in business decision-making and how actionable information from video analytics can translate to competitive advantage.

Topics: Audience Measurement , Security , Security Signage , Trends / Statistics , Video

Companies: 3VR

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