Turn browsers into buyers with high-impact digital signage

May 27, 2008


Retail competition is fierce.

Customers have so many shopping options that it’s imperative that retailers differentiate their products and the shopping experience at their stores in order to build customer loyalty. This can place even greater pressure on margins, forcing retailers to find additional revenue sources and ways to control costs. 

Compound this with the fact that most purchase decisions are made after the customer enters the store, and the challenge becomes more than just getting them there: it's finding an effective way to turn browsers into buyers, then getting them to increase their average purchase size.
In-store merchandising plays a critical role. But the cost and lead time required to produce, distribute and install traditional signage often forces retailers into one-size-fits-all campaigns, with little flexibility to accommodate regional or local variations and no ability to react to changes at the individual store or department level.

To add to this frustration, industry figures show that a national retailer rarely gets complete compliance with any in-store campaign that requires signage to be installed. This lack of corporate control results in money being wasted on materials that aren't used, a loss of opportunity in storefronts that don't comply and confusion and loss of credibility with shoppers who see inconsistent messages -- if they notice them at all. That may be the biggest problem with traditional in-store signage: shoppers get bombarded by so many marketing messages already, many are simply tuning out and missing in-store displays and promotions altogether.

Faced with all of this, how do you increase your profit margin while reducing your margin of error? Just take your in-store signage and set it in motion with a digital media network, which allows retailers to (a) increase marketing flexibility and impact, (b) maintain greater corporate control and (c) reduce expenses while generating additional revenue.

To discover more specific benefits of digital media networks, download this resource from Planar Digital Signage.

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