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Trend Report: Teens, Cellphones and Digital Signage Convergence

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White Paper

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July 1, 2008
Today’s teenagers are accustomed to an interactive experience. They have grown up with TiVo®, the Internet, and the cellphone. Nearly everything they use has been customizable and community-based. Traditional, image-based advertising just doesn’t cut it for this group.

So why haven’t more retailers taken advantage of digital signage to market to this attractive consumer population? Digital signage can easily provide an opportunity to implement interactive experiences that appeal to cellphone-savvy consumers (such as teens). Moreover, there would be little media-based cost in implementation, as consumers already have cellphones, and you possess the digital signage! To see more on cellphone and digital signage convergence, read this article generously provided by EnQii. 

ComQi, Inc.

ComQi provides true end-to-end networked digital out-of-home solutions for retailers, advertisers and other media estate owners - delivering the right message at the right time in the right place.


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