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Three Reasons Why Custom Interactive Software May Be Better For You

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White Paper

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Aug. 20, 2013

Off-the-shelf software products are great for companies that don't have a strong vision for how touchscreens fit into their strategy or companies whose vision is limited to giving access to information in a touch-friendly way. But trying to force off-the-shelf software applications into your business strategy won't deliver the desired results. This white paper, sponsored by Horizon Display, explains these three reasons why custom interactive software may be the better choice:

  • Custom software can be designed around a specific goal
  • Custom software providers can design for scalability
  • Custom software can be designed to capture specific metrics

Horizon Display

Horizon Display brings our client’s ideas to life with touch screen hardware and software. We design and build touch monitors, kiosks, tables, and video walls in house and create interactive applications to bring them to life.

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