Thomson Reuters Infopoint: Supplying News and Information in Real-Time Using RoninCast Digital Signage

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June 26, 2009

Case Study

Thomson Reuters maintains a reputation of being the world's largest and most reliable news source - providing information quickly, accurately and free of bias. Their information is trusted, and drives decision making across the globe. In order to promote their brand, Thomson Reuters wanted to develop a system that could provide news in a dynamic way to the out-of-home market. With Infopoint, nearly one hundred thousand business professionals see Thomson Reuters fast breaking, global news and content every day.   

Wireless Ronin helped Thomson Reuters to:

  • Send and receive real-time information
  • Control their outdoor LCD billboards
  • Manage the procurement, installation and maintenance of all digital signage hardware

Topics: 3D Digital Signage , Advertising , Entertainment Venues , Large-Scale Deployment , Project Management , Slideshow Media , Software , State of the Art Digital Signage

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