The Promise of Digital Signage Advertising

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Nov. 12, 2012

Special Report

As digital signage continues to increase in popularity, it carries with it an implied promise: to deliver timely, targeted advertising based on its applicability to the viewer. To a large degree, however, that promise has remained unfulfilled. The difficulty associated with manually managing playlists for dozens or hundreds of screens has resulted in many network operators simply running generic slideshows that may not be any more effective than traditional print advertising. This special report, sponsored by Toronto-based digital signage software supplier Omnivex Corporation, will look at some of the ways that the right software can help deployers make their digital signage networks live up to their potential and fulfill that promise, including:

• Instantly pushing content to displays
• Programming to incorporate the appropriate language
• Recognizing the orientation and adjusting to suit the type of display
• Reacting to an almost limitless set of conditions based on business rules
• Creating multiple versions of the promotional materials and testing at different locations

Topics: Advertising , Content , Display Technology , Software

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