The disruptive effect of the Internet and mobile phones on out-of-home digital media

Aug. 14, 2009

White Paper

In contrast, businesses mindful of the limitations of mobile technology can leverage mobile connectivity via ubiquitous voice and text messaging technologies which, when combined with narrowcast networks (The Fourth
Screen), can deliver on the promise of interactive location-based services.

Mobile-enabled location-based services are likely to create significant opportunities for brands and businesses, especially in situations where the offering is relevant, timely and perhaps above all, trusted. The Fourth Screen is emerging as a source of information when consumers are away from the home. With mobile enabled technology, out-of-home networks are one step closer to meeting the demands of businesses and satisfying consumers’ need for
information “right here, right now.”

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Topics: Advertising , Digital Billboards , Interactive / Touchscreen , Planning / Integration , Wayfinding

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