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The 11 Most Influential Executives in Digital Signage

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White Paper

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Aug. 26, 2013

The digital signage industry is as far reaching as one might imagine from the terms digital and signage. With the help of input and nominations from DigitalSignageToday.com readers, we've picked out 10 industry leaders (actually 11, since two executives from one company were splitting votes) who've had arguably the best year or made the biggest waves in the digital signage industry in the last 12 months. So who made the list?

  • A consultant who certifies industry professionals in the digital signage industry
  • An expert who received the first honorary doctorate bestowed by the Digital Signage Expert Group
  • The chairman of the Digital Signage Federation's executive committee
  • A CEO who has pulled a software company back from near ruin

And more! The 11 Most Influential Executives in Digital Signage, brought to you by Digital Signage Today, tells you who they are and why they made the list.

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