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Staying Bright – Why it matters

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Sept. 25, 2009
So you just spent good money on a new "High-Bright" Outdoor Display. The display looks great the first month of operation but then you notice that when the temperature begins to rise, the display actually looks dimmer. Could that be possible? After a year of operation you again notice that the display does not seem to be as bright or vivid as when you first put it in operation. What's going on here… this is supposed to be a high-bright display?

MRI has solved this problem with our new "BrightVu™" feature which is now standard on all MRI Outdoor Digital Displays. This provides for a consistent brightness for (5) years based on normal operation and is not affected by temperature extremes.

  • Staying Bright – Why it matters
  • Introducing BrightVu™
  • Why Brightness is important?


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