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Seven Pitfalls to Avoid When Planning Digital Signage

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White Paper

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June 13, 2013

When planning a digital signage deployment, there are several critical factors to understand and consider. Without adequate research and planning, you're unlikely to get what you need from your digital signage. This white paper, sponsored by Black Box, details these seven pitfalls to avoid:

  • Not clearly understanding the elements of a digital signage ecosystem
  • Not having a defined objective for the signage before it is deployed
  • Not clearly defining the content strategy and plan
  • Not having the right personnel involved at the start
  • Not provisioning a system for future signage needs
  • Not adequately anticipating or budgeting for possible ongoing costs
  • Choosing the wrong partners

Black Box

Everything behind the screens. Black Box is a global provider of ProAV and networking solutions, and helps clients design and deploy mission-critical video processing and distribution infrastructure. Solutions include HDMI-over-IP, video switches and extenders, video converters and scalers, networked digital signage, HDBaseT recommended cables, multi-signal patch panels, specialty cabinets, and KVM extenders.

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