Seven Applications of Digital Signage in the Retail Environment

May 27, 2008

White Paper

Many retailers have become familiar with digital signage and the approaches to implementing it. However, they also often overlook the full range of opportunities within the retail environment that can benefit most from this technology. Following are seven “applications” or ways in which digital signage can be employed in a retail setting:
1. Attracting consumers into a location
2. Directing traffic to merchandise
3. Enhancing or creating an enjoyable shopping environment
4. Supporting merchandise sales by displaying product data
5. Enhancing consumer perceptions at point-of-sale
6. Provide dynamic staff training
7. Advertising
After determining the business drivers of the project and selecting which of the seven applications will be employed to achieve those results, be sure to consider the following: ? First, plan thoroughly and then begin incrementally ? Next, be certain to engage other departments, particularly IT.
? Third, choose a qualified digital signage provider. Its profile should include experience in serving enterprise-level customers.
As margin pressures continue to grow, competition intensifies and customer buying habits and loyalties change, digital signage will establish itself as an indispensable element in a company’s marketing program, and may soon represent the difference between success and failure in the dynamic and demanding retail arena.

For suggestions on signage-content and recommendations for creating metrics relevant to each “application”, download the white paper.

Topics: Content Management , Retail

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