Safeway, Inc. Selects Digital Signage Solution to Enhance Communications & Training Capabilities

May 28, 2008

Case Study

In order to maintain its competitive edge in the grocery business, Safeway, Inc. delivers its communications and training via a blend of satellite and terrestrial-based systems to nearly 2000 locations.  However, Safeway needed the capability to deliver larger data files and media content to its locations and maintain the integrity of its current delivery and audience interactive systems.

Dan Pryor, VP of Safeway’s Corporate Communications and Media Production, led the company’s search for an appropriate vendor.  He found Helius, Inc. offered the best solution that utilized Safeway’s existing satellite system. In addition, the Helius system provided Safeway with the option to deliver content via its satellite network or over its terrestrial (WAN) network.

Safeway expects to increase the efficiencies of transmissions, rendering a significant benefit to the company through the improved usage of the communications system. According to Pryor, “The Helius system provides the most efficient use of bandwidth that we have ever seen in a satellite system. We are seeing a 140% improvement in bandwidth utilization.”

Safeway will now be able to manage its network and monitor all activities from the head-end to the endpoints at all stores. In addition, Safeway will be able to track the usage of the on-demand viewing. “This is an important feature for Safeway, especially regarding the tracking of training courses related to compliance-based issues and applications,” said Pryor. 

Topics: Corporate Communication , Retail

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