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Prolonging the Life of Digital Signage

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White Paper

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Aug. 7, 2009
Digital signage can be a powerful tool for businesses, but, like any technology, it can be delicate. The longer digital signage remains in operation, the more time, attention and money companies can focus on other aspects of the business. Dangers to digital signage include:
  • Heat
  • Dust
  • Placement of the hardware
  • Materials used in the display rig 
By considering these factors before installing digital signage, deployers can help ensure the longevity of the technology and minimize the amount of maintenance required.

IBASE Technology USA

Founded in 2000, IBASE specializes in OEM/ODM services tailoring products to customers' requirements. In addition to our award winning "Signature Book™" series of professional grade digital signage players, our product mix covers single board computers, industrial motherboards, CPU modules, embedded industrial systems and network security appliances. IBASE has been awarded ISO 9001 quality assurance in December 2001 and ISO 13485 medical certification in February 2009.

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