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Philips VL Series: 42" - 46" Commercial-Grade LED Displays

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Feb. 11, 2013

See the bigger picture with the super-thin, high-performance, intelligent VL Series. Built for multi-screen applications, the VL features a Color Calibration Option, Edge Alignment Kit, Advance Loop-through Technology and 7 other powerful features for creating seamless video walls and digital menu boards.

Providing 24/7 protection against content disasters, the VL is equipped with USB Failover which maintains signage content on screen in the event of a media player failure. With an OPS Slot, USB Playback, and DisplayPort the VL offers advance connectivity with the next generation of display.

Philips Signage Solutions

Philips Signage Solutions delivers 24/7 performance along with the only standard advanced exchange warranty in the business.  We focus on one thing, display; front of screen optimization as well as control and asset management. See why we are the choice of the biggest retail and Airport deployments in the US.

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