On-Site Servicing of Digital Displays

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Sept. 25, 2009


Digital Displays provide an excellent means of displaying advertising content, promotions, information, etc. in a very vivid and enticing manner. They allow for greater flexibility when it comes to changing content; a vast improvement over standard static backlight displays that require someone to physically change the graphics in the middle of the night. However, with improved technology comes the potential for more things to go “bump in the night”.  MRI is pleased to announce a new product feature that makes in-field servicing of these Digital Displays more convenient and less disruptive to operations.

  • On-Site Servicing of Digital Displays…Why it matters
  • Be prepared…. service costs can be high.
  • Introducing SAM™ (Service Access Module)

Topics: Display Technology , State of the Art Digital Signage

Companies: LG-MRI

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