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NEC Display Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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White Paper

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July 21, 2008
Hospitals deal with all the problems of a large business—and then some.  So why not implement a system that can reduce administrative hassle and costs? Digital signage is ideal for the hospital. It can considerably reduce inefficiency and patron complaints resulting from the hospital’s complex, high-energy environment:
  • Most patrons are unfamiliar with the building’s layout
  • Patrons spend a considerable amount of time waiting
  • Bulletin boards often become overrun with memos, making it difficult for anyone to find important information.
By implementing a digital signage system, you increase your productivity and stay afloat of consumer expectations.

But more importantly, digital signage allows you to focus on what matters most: healing your patients.

NEC has compiled information from industry experts into this complimentary guide in order to ease the process of researching a digital signage solution for your hospital. It addresses frequent concerns, provides information about creating a digital signage solution and has a list of questions to help create a dialogue about digital signage with key decision makers.

NEC Display Solutions

NEC Display Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative visual display solutions through award-winning products, advanced technologies, industry-leading service, and a wide-range of partners to complete any display need. 

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