MPEG-4: The next generation of digital video compression has arrived

May 28, 2008

White Paper

MPEG-4, the next digital video compression standard, will replace its predecessor MPEG-2 and allow the digital video phenomenon to expand faster than it ever has before. The format takes advantage of the latest in content delivery procedures and easily adapts to different device specifications.

MPEG-4 integrates with technology that became mainstream after the advent of MPEG-2.  Prominent among these technologies is Internet Protocol (IP), which quickly become the standard in data transportation. MPEG-4 effectively utilizes the power that IP controls. 

No longer are videos viewed strictly on television or computer monitors.  MPEG-4 has the capability to scale video and audio for different screen sizes, various screen resolutions and diverse types of media-delivery.

MPEG-4 and IP are dynamic technologies that will deliver quality video content and result in more powerful digital signage.

Topics: Display Technology , Video Media

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