MP700 IP Digital Media Player

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June 14, 2012


  • Enhanced bit rate playback for Blu-ray quality 1080p output
  • Operating system built on the power and security of Linux
  • Network controlled API for controlling remote units over distributed networks
  • Webkit QT web browser for multi-layering support for overlays
  • API for native applications
  • System status LCD
  • External touchscreen support
  • NTSC/QAM/ATSC Tuner input (optional)
  • GPIO: push-button control - 8 ports (optional)
  • Integrated play list
    • Media files
    • Programmable durations
    • Loop & schedule functions
    • Multiple play list support
  • Multiple control methods
    • Quicksign
    • CCM Enterprise Software
    • IR Remote

Topics: Hardware , Media Players

Companies: CE Labs / Cable Electronics

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