MP60S: 1080p Sound Bar Demonstration Player

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Nov. 20, 2013


The MP60S provides the absolute lowest cost solution while driving immersive 1080p video and Digital audio for a very high quality Sound Bar Demonstration Kiosk.

The MP60S will continuously play a file that is loaded on the SD card. The feature demo file with audio is loaded in a folder labeled MOVIE on the SD card. The user presses the DEMO button and the feature file begins to play with sound from the TV. The user can press the TV / Sound Bar button to toggle sound to be heard from the TV or the Sound Bar. The VOLUME may be adjusted by pressing the UP or DOWN pushbuttons. At the completion of the feature video, the MP60S returns to the original file.

Topics: 3D Digital Signage , Display Technology , Hardware , Media Players , Retail Digital Signage , Software

Companies: CE Labs / Cable Electronics

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